Which Program is Right for You?

Before you choose your major, take a look at the courses that go into each program to see what interests you. Review the information, below and then do a self-assessment by answering the questions at the bottom of this page. That will help guide you when you call our admissions team to discuss a possible course of study.

After you’ve reviewed this information, consider contacting an admissions advisor. They will discuss options with you and ask in-depth questions, including:

    • What are your personal goals?
    • What is your career path? Which of the various strategic security programs will help you advance your career?
    • What about your own personal history, interests and abilities?
    • Which security program feels like the best match?

Henley-Putnam focuses exclusively on strategic security. Contact an advisor today. 1.855.246.7440 or email HenleyPutnam@national.edu