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Mid-Level Certificate in Counterterrorism

This Mid-Level Certificate is designed  for the professional who already has some experience in the counter terrorism field or the student who has taken the entry level certificate to further understand the strategies and tactics terrorist groups employ to achieve their aims as well as the role of the international community in defining terrorism, controlling the supply of money and weapons and developing and implementing an active international counter terrorism policy. Students will learn about the diversity of identities and motivations credited with sponsoring or conducting terrorism. Students  will  discuss current issues surrounding reliability of counter terrorism information and dissemination thresholds, and analytical implications of alleged detainee abuse and disinformation campaigns by insurgents. And finally, students in this program will acquire the tools necessary to identify and evaluate the variety of structures of terrorist organizations, from strict hierarchy to diffuse networks, as well as the implications of structure and internal dynamics on terrorist actions and capabilities.

Program learning outcomes:

Define terrorism and its genesis, stages and characteristic features

Identify and explain the aims and characteristics of various types of terrorism

Distinguish the different types of terrorist motivations including left-wing, right-wing, ethno-nationalist, and religious

Assess and explain the threat from specific types of terrorism including state-sponsored, suicide, and CBRN

Apply the analytical tools used most often in counter terrorism analysis

Build and manipulate a matrix to show connections and perform link analysis

Analyze the workings of a Domestic (United States) Terrorist Group in order to classify and distinguish the different dynamics at work in these types of groups

Identify and explain the psychology, motivation, and behavioral traits that distinguish a foreign or domestic terrorist group

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