Yehuda Lev, M.S.  Captain, Israeli National Police (INP)

Yehuda Lev, M.S.

Captain, Israeli National Police (INP)

  • M.A., National Security and Counterterrorism
  • B.A., International Relations

Mr. Lev taught extensively at the INP Academy, wrote and co-wrote several Law Enforcement and drug-related books and manuals (published in Hebrew only, as classified material). Lev also reviewed Ami Pedahzur’s 2009 book “The Israeli Secret Services & The Struggle Against Terrorism” in the Journal of Strategic Security (2012, Volume 5, spring). After retiring from the INP Lev served as a surveillance-technology consultant to the Israeli DOD and other counterterrorism entities, and as head of Law Enforcement section of the Anti-Drug Authority of Israel (ADA). Mr. Lev is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel (BA in International Relations), and the American Public University at Charles Town, WV. He holds an MA in National Security and Counterterrorism. Mr. Lev currently lives with his family in Chapel Hill, NC, teaches at Henley Putnam University and practices Holistic Pain Therapy.

Professional Experience

  • Officer, Israeli National Police (INP)

Education & Professional Certifications

  • M.A., National Security and Counterterrorism, American Military University
  • B.A., International Relations, Hebrew University, Israel