Gary F. Bowser, M.S.  HUMINT Case Officer

Gary F. Bowser, M.S.

HUMINT Case Officer

  • M.S., Astronautic & Aeronautics
  • M.S., Political Science
  • B.S., Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy
  • Graduate, USAF Air War College
  • Graduate, USAF Air Command and Staff College
  • Executive Program, School of Business

Mr. Bowser is a retired military officer with over 50 years experience in the areas of intelligence and national security. He served two years in Special Operations during the Vietnam conflict. After that, he served overseas as a HUMINT Case Officer and directed a clandestine HUMINT organization as Operations Officer for over six years. Mr. Bowser also has extensive experience in the Washington D.C. arena as a DIA Directorate of Estimates Branch Chief. In this role he was involved in drafting and coordinating National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) and NATO Military Committee documents. He has been involved internationally with intelligence and business operations in more than 40 countries. After retiring from the USAF, he served for three years as an advisor to the Chief of Intelligence, Royal Saudi Air Force. Mr. Bowser was an instructor at the Air War College and co-authored (with Colonel Paul Nikula, USAF, and Paul Cherry, CIA) the Soviet Studies Course and related curriculum. Mr. Bowser understands the critical role of HUMINT within the All Source Intelligence collection and analysis process. He is committed to teaching the intelligence principles and practical field procedures to Henley-Putnam University students who see our national security as a paramount responsibility.

Professional Experience

  • Instructor Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security (2007-Present)
  • President ScanTech Holdings (2001-2005)
  • President/CEO BioSterile Technology (1996-2001)
  • President/CEO IRAD (1991-1995)
  • Director Special Projects, Magnavox, (1984 -1991)
  • Advisor to Royal Saudi Air Force, BDM, (1981-1984)
  • Associate Professor, Florida State University, (1965)
  • Counterinsurgency Course, 1965
  • U. S Army Airborne School (qualified military parachutist), 1966
  • U.S. Air Force, (1961-1981)

Education & Professional Certifications

  • M.S., Astronautic & Aeronautics, MIT, 1964
  • M.S., Political Science, AUM, 1972
  • B.S., Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy, 1961
  • Graduate, USAF Air War College, 1981
  • Graduate, USAF Air Command and Staff College
  • Executive Program, School of Business, University of Michigan, 1991

Scholarly Activity

  • Author of various monographs, articles and studies and holds a number of patents in the area of radiation security inspection devices.