HIST 750 Topics in the History of Strategic Security

This course will use historical examples to explore recurring issues, problems, and approaches in the component subdisciplines of strategic security, namely personal protection, intelligence management, and counterterrorism. Students will use case studies from ancient, medieval, Enlightenment, and modern history to distinguish sound operating and administrative principles for the individual subdisciplines of strategic security and for the field at large.

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The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Analyze the commonalities of intelligence gathering and the role of communications in strategic contexts throughout history and identify consistently effective methods.

Appraise societal conditions that might lead to an attempt to assassinate a head of state or other high official, and evaluate the larger implications of such conditions and acts.

Evaluate the role that guerilla warfare and terrorism have played throughout history and the development of modern terrorism and counterterrorism methods.

Formulate application of lessons learned from history to present day issues and situations.

Conduct research into core issues pertaining to strategic security throughout history; analyze and write about findings.

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