HIST 430 Religious Extremism

This course provides a general introduction to the main varieties of religious extremism at the present time, as well as their historical antecedents. It is not focused narrowly on terrorist or violence-prone groups, but rather on the broader milieus from which those violent fringe elements emerge, and it provides an understanding of schisms and the formation of sects. Since almost every religious tradition has extremist elements, the types surveyed include Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu variants, as well as the most important subcategories that fall within these religious traditions.

This course is offered in the following degree programs:

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Define and describe the fundamental religious identities. Compare and contrast different religions.

Explain and examine historical religious differences and radical movements.

Discuss and illustrate recent radical religious movements and their impact on current events.

Explore and assess one recent radical religious movement, individual, or idea.

Demonstrate appropriate undergraduate level analytical, research, and writing skills.

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