TCT 596 Origins, Evolutions, and Trends in Terrorism

This course provides an accelerated introduction to terrorism by exploring the circumstances that promote terrorism and terrorist activity. Special emphasis is given to social extremists, including efforts to manipulate such marginalized groups by sponsors of terrorism, and their rationalizations for terrorist behaviors. Case studies from throughout history are used to give students an exposure to the diversity of identities and motivations that give rise to terrorism. This course is designed for upper level students who need an expository class on terrorism and not those who have studied it at the undergraduate level.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Acquire a research-based understanding of the terrorism phenomena, from historical to modern times to allow for future more focused studies of terrorism. 

Develop an understanding of the conceptual development of the modern terrorism phenomena.

Explain and apply the principles, concepts and theories learned to real world events. 

Apply the principles, concepts and theories learned to a specific factual situation and explain their relevance and significance to real world events.

Present final products in effective and appropriate language and format. 

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