CHIN 202 Intermediate Mandarin Chinese, Part 2

CHN 202 is intended for students who have completed CHN 201 or who test at the 1+/2 level of Mandarin Chinese. This course aims to further develop the oral and written communication skills acquired in earlier classes and to broaden students’ understanding of the culture and study of Mandarin Chinese-speaking regions. Students will have access to language resources (including vocabulary and scenarios) relevant to corporate and strategic security professions, providing them with extra vocabulary and practice in using the language in current or future career fields. This course teaches Mandarin Chinese (China).

Prerequisite (or successful completion of language test):

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Employ applied technological skill and information literacy skills to apply knowledge of current events, cultural issues, and history of the country in which the language is spoken.

Demonstrate ability to think critically and problem-solve in comprehending main ideas and some details of straightforward, well-organized texts; uncomplicated stories about current, past, and future events; some details in announcements; and main ideas and basic facts from short reports on radio or television.

Apply knowledge of the language in comprehending and responding to information about straightforward, well-organized, and factual short news reports, biographical information, descriptions, simple technical material, and familiar people, places and events.

Apply awareness of the cultures and societies associated with the regions in which the language is spoken.

Communicate to converse about familiar topics, interview an employee, arrange for job-related services (salary, qualifications, hours, specific duties), give and take simple phone messages, leave voicemail, report facts from television, radio, or newspaper, discuss a trip, and converse about an everyday past or upcoming event.

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