TCT 590 Influence Warfare

This course introduces strategic communications principles for constructing highly developed and pervasive discourse used to influence individuals, groups, and societies. Topics such as propaganda, information warfare, psychological operations, political warfare and other forms of strategic communications are covered. Emphasis will be placed on the organization and principles used by American and adversary forces to manage the political and psychological (non-kinetic) factors in conflict. It will use an interdisciplinary approach that integrates social science methodologies with theories on strategy and war and will examine the strategic and tactical methods used in this critical aspect of modern warfare.

This course is offered in the following degree programs:

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Formulate and propose actual offensive and defensive measures for conflict situations in today’s world. 

Examine, evaluate, and critique the current American approach to influence warfare. 

Demonstrate effective communication and professionalism in a written medium on the issue of influence warfare. 

Identify and understand the role of the Internet in communicating ideas, influencing behavior, and changing attitudes in the war against terrorism.

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