INT 300 Fundamentals of Intelligence

This course provides an overview of intelligence and the intelligence cycle. Students taking this class will be able to list and describe the role of three of the four principal elements of intelligence: collection (HUMINT and SIGINT), analysis, and counterintelligence. (The fourth principle element, covert operations, is covered in much detail in INT 390). The course also lays a groundwork for understanding overt and covert intelligence requirements and reporting, intelligence-specific vocabulary, and the breadth and complexity of the U.S. Intelligence Community today.

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The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Demonstrate competency in and practical application of subject matter by developing recommendations and plans based on appropriate research and analysis.

Integrate the general working and issues of the Intelligence, Counterterrorism, and Security professions from collection and analysis to operations and application.

Effectively communicate demonstrated technical proficiency, critical analysis and information literacy competences in the context of strategic security.

Analyze and evaluate people, assets, events, and systems for potential risks in order to assess and refine contingency planning to include appropriate consequence management.

Demonstrate the ability to lead and manage across multiple cultures and diverse settings in an ethical and professional manner.

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