TCT 430 Ethno/Nationalist Terrorism

This course provides an overview of one of the principal categories of terrorism. Despite the extraordinary amount of attention that governments have paid to ideological left and right-wing terrorists, nationalist and separatist terrorist groups generally carried out the most sustained, most popular, and most costly terrorist campaigns between the 1960s and 1980. Students will learn to explain and recount the history of terrorist groups surveyed, include factions within the PLO, the IRA, the Basque ETA in Spain, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, the Kurdish PKK in Turkey, Armenian terrorist groups, and separatist groups in Quebec, Corsica, and Chechnya.

This course is offered in the following degree programs:

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Identify, through research, numerous Ethno Nationalist Terrorist groups

Distinguish the major political commonalities and differences between Ethno National Terrorist Groups

Analyze historical events that can persuade individuals in developing Ethno National Terrorist Groups

Explain the different Modus Operandi’s used between Ethno National Terrorist Organizations

Demonstrate appropriate undergraduate level analytical, research, and writing skills.

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