PRO 466 Advance Work

This course explores the various aspects of advance work, which is required for preparation for, and avoidance of, conflict. After obtaining the required theoretical basis, students will replicate the work done as a member of an advance team by gathering intelligence, identifying potential hazards inherent in a given assignment, and writing a complete advance report detailing all the information a protective agent needs for a successful assignment.

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The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Evaluate a proposed protective security assignment and Develop security plans to counter actual or perceived threats

Identify and evaluate human danger factors to formulate accurate risk analyses and threat assessments

Develop an effective security advance plan incorporating elements from checklists, evaluating protective measures from an attacker’s point of view

Describe security advance planning in the context of protective security operations and identify actions and resources to accomplish an effective advance

Describe the importance of critical thinking and integrate it into security advance activities

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