Henley-Putnam University is focused in Strategic Security and offers accredited bachelor’s degree programs in three areas:

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies is earned by satisfactory completion of program equivalent to two years of full time upper division study. The Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies program is designed for professionals within the Nation’s nuclear enterprise responsible for maintaining a safe, reliable, and credible nuclear deterrent and a robust incident response capability. The program increases the student’s knowledge of the fundamentals of security, deterrence policies, the nuclear enterprise, and nuclear and radiological event operations. All courses are four and a half quarter units unless otherwise noted; please also be advised that courses with the DNWS prefix are only offered at Defense Nuclear Weapons School. 

Bachelor of Science in Strategic Security and Protection Management

The strategic security and protection management degree program introduces the student to the concepts of protection management.  While earning a security management degree, the student will understand protection management encompasses many areas, including threat assessment, workplace violence, cyber security, corporate security, intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis. The bachelors in protection management degree students will learn aspects of intelligence, terrorism and protection, as well as the basics of security operations and report writing throughout their security management courses. Students will also have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of electives and security management degree courses, including threat assessment courses, corporate security courses, or physical security courses, to name a few.

Bachelor of Science in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies

When a student earns a counterterrorism degree online through Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security, s/he is introduced to the basic concepts of terrorist techniques, counterterrorism studies and strategy, and counterterrorism training. Instructors emphasize the importance of understanding religious extremism, terrorism history, and counterterrorism policy throughout counterterrorism studies courses. Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security counterterrorism degrees provide training in counterterrorism research, threat management, and counterterrorist techniques, focusing on analytical rigor, contingency planning, and proactive security measures.

Bachelor of Science in Intelligence Management

The intelligence training program introduces the student to the concepts of intelligence gathering, analysis, and reporting. While earning an intelligence degree, the student will understand how intelligence manifests itself in many ways, requiring an astute and open mind to determine how to analyze and understand what and where intelligence can be found as well as how it can be used. This intelligence management degree program also provides a basis for the student’s study at more advanced levels.