Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies is earned by satisfactory completion of program equivalent to two years of full time upper division study. The Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies program is designed for professionals within the Nation’s nuclear enterprise responsible for maintaining a safe, reliable, and credible nuclear deterrent and a robust incident response capability. The program increases the student’s knowledge of the fundamentals of security, deterrence policies, the nuclear enterprise, and nuclear and radiological event operations. All courses are four and a half quarter units unless otherwise noted; please also be advised that courses with the DNWS prefix are only offered at Defense Nuclear Weapons School. 

Program learning outcomes:

Assess information sources in the nuclear enterprise and strategic security domains.

Apply analytical, quantitative reasoning, and problem-solving skills to assess options for preventive,
deterrent and response actions related to nuclear and radiological subjects.

Appraise issues of strategic security in the nuclear enterprise using critical thinking and nuclear and
radiological subject matter expertise.

Demonstrate the ability to apply ethical and civic-minded approaches to challenges within the nuclear
enterprise and strategic security environment.

Communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of mediums to nuclear enterprise stakeholders.

All courses listed and Choose 3 with DNWS prefix:

Core Requirements:

Elective Courses

Communications (18 quarter units) (Prerequisite: ENG 105 Introduction to Academic Writing, ENG 125 English Composition, or equivalent) Mathematics (9 quarter units) (Prerequisite: MATH115 Problem Solving, MA2000 Quantitative Reasoning or equivalent) Humanities (9 quarter units) (Prerequisite: PHIL 105 Introduction to Ethics or equivalent) Behavioral/Social Science (9 quarter units) Science (9 quarter units) General Education Open Electives (36 quarter units)

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