ENG 330 Writing for the Intelligence Professional

Students completing this course will be able to demonstrate how to write with clarity, specificity, and brevity, all the while applying basic rules of grammar, spelling, and syntax. The course also explains basic secrecy protocols and how they differ between agencies. Students will develop and apply writing skills essential to accurate and comprehensive generation of reports.

Prerequisite (or equivalent):

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Recognize the tight connection between thought and language, and explain why good intelligence analysis is impossible without sharp writing skills.

Distinguish between intelligence writing and writing in other intellectual professions.

Employ accurate, brief, and clear English prose; demonstrate constructive editing skills.

Evaluate and understand the various audiences for which intelligence professionals write and orally present, and the special demands and requirements of each.

Demonstrate the ability to use classification markings on various intelligence related documents.

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