HIST 350 Strategy and Tactics

This course provides a general introduction to military affairs. Students will learn to apply the basic principles of military strategy and tactics and cite examples from the history and evolution of warfare. The class will also discuss the ideas of prominent strategic and tactical thinkers and the rapidly-changing nature of combat in the modern technological era. Case studies of particular campaigns and battles are used to illustrate strategic and tactical principles.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Describe the different levels of combat, from tactics to grand strategy as presented in the course materials, as well as the relevance of these concepts today

Demonstrate a basic understanding of the ideas of the classical military theorists, and how these ideas were implemented in various campaigns.

Discuss the importance of command and logistics as well as the effect of technological innovation and evolution of the Industrial Age on warfare.

Compare the differences between traditional combat and non-traditional forms, especially modern notions of asymmetric warfare

Demonstrate a basic understanding of those elements of the ideas of the classical theorists on war that remain relevant to today’s modern combat environments, especially asymmetric warfare.

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