MGT 360 Information Security

The information age has brought with it added vulnerabilities, especially regarding electronic information and computer networks, but also added opportunities for intelligence gathering. Students taking this course will be able to identify the dangers and opportunities presented by information warfare. They will be able to describe and explain basic cyber warfare strategies and tactics. Students will be able to secure a computer network through such measures as proactive vulnerability analysis, firewalls, and secure remote access. This entails addressing computer hacking techniques (viruses, worms, password sniffers) and security holes in popular platforms like UNIX and Windows.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Explain a foundation of the security mechanics of Information

Discuss concepts, principles and standards for designing and implementing secure operating systems and networked systems

Assess how these systems communicate, and discuss the OSI model, TCP/IP, LAN and WAN technologies, firewalls, routers, network topologies and attack methods

Discuss legal, privacy, and ethical issues in computer security

Explain applications and systems security, including topics such as malicious code, buffer overflows, encryption at application level etc.

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