TCT 390 Foundations of Terrorism

This course is an introduction to the subject of international and domestic terrorism. It explains and clarifies key definitional and conceptual issues, describes terrorists (including the sociological and psychological characteristics of leaders and members) and identifies their methods, including organizational structures, target selection criteria, operational tradecraft, weaponry, etc. This course surveys a wide range of existing terrorist groups, examines certain high-profile themes (e.g., WMD terrorism, “narco-terrorism”), and assesses the nature of the threat terrorists pose to global security.

The course learning outcomes that you will demonstrate upon completion of this course are as follows:

Through a selected series of classic and modern readings familiarize and provide the student with an introduction to the phenomena of terrorism and the basic underlying principles, concepts and theories, both historical and modern, to allow for more advanced studies in this field.

A basic understanding of the historical development of the terrorism phenomena and the concepts, theories and principles relating thereto.

The ability to explain and apply the principles, concepts and theories.

Explore, evaluate and explain the development, operation and significance of a specific terrorist group; applying principles, concepts and theories learned.

Acquire a basis line understanding of the terrorism phenomena from its historical antecedents and its development in modern times; ability to evaluate, explain and apply principles, concepts and theories to real world events.

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